Eliot Jane Walton

PhD Candidate

Curriculum vitae

[email protected]

Monash-Warwick Alliance

Monash University

University of Warwick

Talks & Slides


Ion Physics and Fixed Target WG Meeting (zoom). Jul. 17

TORCH Collaboration Meeting No. 37 (Bristol) Jun. 10-11

112th LHCb Week
Jun. 3-7

LHCb Masterclass
Mar. 18

Monash-Warwick Alliance of Particle Physics Group Meeting
Mar. 13

TORCH Collaboration Meeting No. 36 (Oxford) Feb. 12-3

(Melbourne) Jul. 17-21

Ion and Fixed Target Working Group
(Online) May. 31

Analysis of R(Bc/B) as a function of pp-collision multiplicity.
[Slides internal]

Testbeam Timing Studies
[slides internal]

Practical ECGD

LHCb Masterclass: An Introduction to the Exercise [slides].

The TORCH Detector: Introduction and Status [slides internal]

TORCH Test Beam Update 
[slides internal]

The Queer History of Physics
[poster, glossary and references].

Measuring the Role of Multi-Parton Interactions in Double-Heavy Hadron Production [slides internal].

Queers in Science Symposium
(Monash) Nov. 3

Measuring Particle Production with the LHCb detector

100th LHCb Week
(Online) Jun. 14-18
Co-presented with Dylan Jaide White.

Supporting transgender and non-binary colleagues.

International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)
(Online) Sep. 25&26

The Failure of Fiction: Asexuality and J.M. Coetzee [abstract].

International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)
(Monash) Sep. 25&26

The Queerest of Them All: The Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood.

International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)
(Monash) Sep. 25&26

The Currency of Greek Tragedy and Mythology in Contemporary Society [abstract].
Undergraduate Research Project in Chemistry (CHM2990)  
Dec. (2017) to Feb (2018)
Electrolyte Assisted Self-Assembly of Gold Nanocubes at a Liquid | Liquid interface
[report, poster, logbook].

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